Rights, feedback and complaints

Feedback and complaints are welcome in all our services.

Your rights

There are a number of laws and standards that protect the rights of people receiving support. On top of this, as a Neami National service, Connect to Wellbeing follows additional guidelines to ensure that consumers receive the best possible service.

For more information about your rights, visit the Neami National Rights and Privacy page or download the Neami National Consumer Rights and Responsibilities Flyer.

Tell us what you think

We respond to feedback and complaints directly to resolve issues in a timely manner. We also view feedback and complaints as learning opportunities and a chance to improve our services.

If you have a concern or complaint about a Connect to Wellbeing service, contact the Service Manager on 1300 020 390.

For issues relating to Connect to Wellbeing you can also contact the Neami Regional Manager for North Queensland, Joe Petrucci, by email or on 0429 437 495.

Feedback and complaints at Neami National services

Connect to Wellbeing services follow Neami's feedback and complaints process. Feedback and complaints are welcome in all Neami services and other organisational areas.

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