Stepped Care support

The Stepped Care model helps people to move easily between programs as their support needs change.

Stepped Care mental health support

Stepped care is an evidence-based, staged approach to the delivery of mental health services, comprising a hierarchy of interventions—from the least to the most intensive—matched to the individual's needs.

It is about ensuring that people can access the most appropriate services for their mental health needs at any given time— including the ability to step up and step down to different levels of care as they move along their recovery journey.

Stepped care chart, showing the levels of need and service models to support people.
Source: NQPHN

An integrated approach

The Stepped Care model provides an approach to mental health support that is person-centred and supports people across the spectrum of needs.

The Stepped Care model aims to ensure that people have streamlined access to the right services for their needs over time and as their needs change. With the opportunity to link in with other supports as required, the Stepped Care model places an emphasis on integration and consumers not having to ‘re-tell’ their story every time their support needs change.

To find out more about the Stepped Care mental health services available in Northern Queensland, go to the Northern Queensland PHN website.

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